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Nexus Data API — Release Notes — November 8, 2018


We've been steadily improving the Nexus API. Below is a list of recent changes. For a full list of changes and technical information, please see our developer portal.

  • We've updated the Nexus guide. Recommended workflows now reflect the improved connection_status field on the member resource, rather than the less useful status field on the job resource.

  • The new auto-generate budgets endpoint allows partners to automatically create budgets for nearly every spending category with a single request.

  • Speaking of budgets, we've also added a percent_spent field to each budget resource indicating how much of that budget has been spent (or exceeded) based available transaction data.

  • If partners don't wish to automatically aggregate all members when opening a session, they can now pass a skip_aggregation parameter with their create session request.

  • The list institutions endpoint has been deprecated in favor of the search institutions endpoint.

  • A merchant object has been added along with the read merchant endpoint. This allows partners to get merchant information such as website_url, logo_url, and name. A merchant_guid is now passed in transaction responses as well.

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